CANCELLATIONS: Players may cancel a purchased entry for a particular contest up to TWO HOURS before the closing time of the contest. Cancelling an entry is subject to a 10 percent cancel fee (i.e., 90 percent of the entry fee purchased will be returned to your account balance). Please note that this is necessary to prevent manipulation of contest pools and protect the integrity of the contests, but has been provided for player convenience. Cancellation activity will be closely monitored, and abuse of the cancellation privilege will result in the revoking of player accounts.

Aside from this cancel policy, there are no refunds permitted for any reason for purchased entries. Transfers of entries from one player to another player are also not permitted. However, players may request that all or a portion of their account balances be transferred to another registered player.


  1. If you are a new user, sign up for an account by clicking on “New User”.
  2. Fill out the registration form (please ensure accuracy).
  3. Once you have your account credentials (email and password), login to the system at the top right of the home page.
  4. Deposit funds into your account by clicking on the “Deposit” link from the home page
  5. Proceed to the Purchase Entries page, where a list of available contests are displayed.
  6. Purchase entries for your desired contests. The entry fees will be deducted from your Account Balance.

Once you are registered for a particular contest, you will receive an email notification when selections are open for that particular contest. If you continue having trouble and need assistance, please contact Customer Support.


  1. Making Selections (Picks)
  2. Alternate Selections (Picks)
  3. Race Closing Times
  4. Payout Caps
  5. Tiebreakers
  6. Audit Period

    Once selections open for a particular contest, players may proceed to the "View/Make Picks" section to make picks for that contest. For horse racing contests, players will make selections on the races designated for that contest, which are listed on the contest description page.

    Typical contests will have 10-15 individual race events. Mythical $2 Win/Place wagers ($2 to Win and $2 to Place) will be made on the horse a player selects in each race. Only one horse may be selected per race. If a player's horse wins, the player collects on both the Win and Place wagers. If a player's horse finishes in a Place position, the player collects only on the Place wager. All wagers and payouts from races are mythical and will be used as a score only.

    Payouts will be reported according to the payout results from the United States tote system.

    Players will select horses by name and official program number. As with real wagering, coupled entries serve as one betting interest for the purposes of contest play. Selections may be made as early as the day prior to the contest, as soon as the contest selection process is opened. Selections will open typically between 5:00-7:00 p.m. ET the day before the contest.

    Horse selections for all players in the contest may be viewed by clicking on the "Detail" for each player listed on the Leaderboard. Horse selections will only be displayed once a particular race is closed (i.e., when selections are no longer open and the race is starting). Selections for all players are displayed for transparency purposes.

    NOTE: A PRIMARY selection MUST be designated. A player's ALTERNATE selection will be assigned ONLY in the event of a scratch of a player's PRIMARY selection. If a player does not make a PRIMARY selection, NO SELECTION will be considered to have been played.


    Alternate selections may be designated when players make selections. To make an alternate selection, choose the alternate horse desired by clicking on the radio button found on the right-hand side of the picks pages. In the event of a scratch of a player's primary selection, the Alternate pick becomes the active selection. If the Alternate selection is also scratched, the player will be assigned the post-time favorite.


    In contests utilizing the regular, live format (where selections may be changed race-by-race up until post), generally speaking, race selections will close for each contest event as the last half of the field is loading into the starting gate. HOWEVER, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that players submit all selections prior to the first race and then go back and edit as needed, at least 2-3 minutes prior to the anticipated gates open time of the race. Players should be aware of delays in transmission via internet streaming services or television feeds that may not represent the actual real time of races. The Participant is 100 percent responsible for ensuring that a contest wager has been accepted, regardless of the circumstances. Players should pay close attention to race schedules for all contests, as post times can change throughout the day due to delays or other circumstances.

    In PICK & PRAY format contests, selections for ALL contest races will be locked once the first contest race in the schedule (in any chronological position) is closed. In PICK & PRAY events, players must have all selections made prior to the first contest race closing and may not edit selections throughout the tournament.


    There is a cap on both the Win and Place payouts. The maximum payout on a $2 Win bet is $42 (20-1 odds) and the maximum payout on a $2 Place bet is $22 (10-1 odds).


    Should there be a tie in earnings that will affect major placements (such as qualifying to another contest), ties will be broken in accordance with the following procedures: (a) the entry(s) with the most number of winners selected will win the tie; if a tie still remains, then (b) the entry(s) selecting the horse with the highest mutuel WIN payout will win the tie; if a tie still remains, then (c) the entry(s) with the most number of PLACE horses selected will win the tie; if a tie still remains, then (d) the entry(s) with the highest mutuel PLACE payout will win the tie; if a tie still remains, then (e) the entry(s) with the most number of SHOW (third place finishers that did not Win or Place) horses selected will win the tie; if a tie still remains, then (f) the winning entry(s) will be determined by a random draw among eligible entries.

    If in FEEDER or REAL MONEY contests there are ties remaining after all tiebreakers have been applied, the prizes involved will be equally distributed to those players tied for the position(s).


    For contests that involve qualifying spots to other contests (such as NHC or HPWS), there is a 48-hour audit period after the completion of each contest, for the purposes of allowing for changes in the unlikely event of scoring errors or other circumstances. While the leaderboard will display the final payout results immediately, these results will not be official until the audit period is over. Players that have earned qualifying spots or other prizes will be notified once the contest has been declared official.

    In FEEDER or REAL MONEY events, the contests will be considered complete approximately 15 minutes to scoring the final contest event. Players have up to 24 hours following the completion of those events to alert tournament officials of possible scoring errors and request necessary adjustments.


Under the All-Optional format, players make a designated number of maximum selections among a larger list of eligible races. For example, a typical All-Optional event may involve a maximum 10 selections among an eligible 25 races. Maximum selections allowed are displayed on the selections interface in conjunction with each entry.

If a contest is operating under the ALL-OPTIONAL format, the following stipulations apply:

  1. If a horse is declared a NON-STARTER, any players with that selection (either as a Primary, Alternate or Post Time Favorite) will have that selection voided. The pick will be available for future play.
  2. If an individual race event is declared a NO CONTEST, any selections made for that event will be voided and will be available for future play.
  3. If individual races events are CANCELLED, any selections made for those events will be voided and will be made available for future play. The 70 percent rule regarding race cancellations still applies.
  4. If any circumstances arise on the final race of the schedule that would normally result in the voiding of a selection, those selections will instead be treated as a late scratch, with assignment of either the ALTERNATE or POST-TIME FAVORITE.

Players must be aware and acknowledge that circumstances may arise that result in a player having more selections remaining than there are eligible races remaining. This potential is unavoidable as a matter of course under this format and the official rules strictly apply.

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