The HorseTourneys Tour

January 1 - December 31

Current HT Tour Standings: Click Here

HorseTourneys players now have the opportunity to win valuable prizes via the year long HorseTourneys Tour. Players will earn points for play in select events, with a Tour leaderboard updated on a weekly basis. For 2022, the HT Tour runs from January 1 - December 31.

How to Earn Points:

Compete in Friday, Saturday or Sunday main Featured cash events (currently $195 entry fee for Friday, $350 for Saturday and $250 for Sunday). HT Tour points will also be awarded in major HorseTourneys events, such as those that make up the Tourney Triple (Flo-Cal Faceoff, Players Championship, and Spa & Surf Showdown), as well as The BIG One at HorseTourneys and the Exacta Extravaganza.

Points Awards:

  • Players earn points based on top 10 finishes (10 points for 1st, down to 1 point for 10th) for any of the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday main cash events.
  • Players earn fractional bonus points based on the cost of the entry and the number of entries that competed in that event.
    • Example: 5th place finish in a Friday $195 cash event that attracts 215 entries.
      • Example: 5th place finish in a Friday $195 cash event that attracts 215 entries 6 points for 5th place finish plus 0.195 (entry fee) and 0.215 (# entries) bonus points - total points = 6.41.
      • Bonus points are designed to reward play in contests with higher entries fees and in contests with more participation.
  • If a player has more than 10 qualifying scores, only the best 10 scores will be used for scoring purposes

Three Ways to Win:

  1. Finish in the top five (5) of the HorseTourneys Tour standings at the end of the calendar year (Ending December 31, 2022).

    Prizes to the top five finishers the end of the Tour will be as follows:

    1st place: $20,000 cash + earns title of "HorseTourneys Handicapper of the Year" + entry into the 2023 The BIG One at HorseTourneys

    2nd place: $10,000 cash + entry to the 2023 Spa & Surf Showdown AND the 2023 Players Championship, or $4,000 HT site credit**.

    3rd place: $5,000 cash + Entry into the 2023 Spa & Surf Showdown, or $2,500 HorseTourneys site credit**

    4th place: Entry into the 2023 Players Championship, or $2,000 in HorseTourneys credit**

    5th place: Entry into the 2023 Flo-Cal Faceoff, or $1,500 in HorseTourneys credit**

  2. Finish in the top three of the mid-year standings (ending June 30, 2022)

    Prizes to the mid-year top finishers will be as follows:

    1st place: $5,000 cash

    2nd place: $2,500 cash

    3rd place: $1,000 cash

  3. Finish in the top 50 of the year-end Tour standings.

    At the conclusion of the calendar year (ending December 31, 2022), those players who have finished in the top 50 will be entered into a one-day, 15-race competition on a select date in January. A total of $25,000 in HorseTourneys site credit** prizes will be awarded in that event, with at least $10,000 awarded to the top finisher.

    Players finishing in the top 10 of the year-end Tour standings will receive two (2) entries into this event, with players finishing 11th-50th receiving one (1) entry.

  4. Win multiple Friday-Sunday main cash events.

    If a player wins more than one Friday, Saturday or Sunday event (events won must be on the same day, for example Friday-Friday, Saturday-Saturday, Sunday-Sunday), players will earn the following bonuses:

    • Second win: $500 cash bonus.
    • Third or more wins: $1,000 cash bonus.


    • Player wins two Friday events in the same calendar, year, earns $500 bonus for second win.
    • Player wins three Saturday events in same year, wins $1,500 total ($500 for second win, $1,000 for third).


Email us at with any questions or comments.

*site credit prizes may not be immediately withdrawn. Players must play the balance of a site credit prize at HorseTourneys, but may withdraw any winnings from that play. Site credit from HorseTourneys Tour prizes may not be used toward direct purchase of on-site entries.

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