Entries Close: 3:39 PM EST Entry Fee: $166.00
Maximum Entries In Contest: 100 Maximum Entries Per Account: 2
Entries Remaining: 67 Minimum Entries Required: 22
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Contest Description

Contest Races

Event Track Race No. Post Time (EDT)
1 Gulfstream Park GP 8 3:39 PM
2 Gulfstream Park GP 9 4:10 PM
3 Tampa Bay Downs TAM 8 4:23 PM
4 Gulfstream Park GP 10 4:41 PM
5 Tampa Bay Downs TAM 9 4:57 PM
6 Gulfstream Park GP 11 5:12 PM
7 Tampa Bay Downs TAM 10 5:27 PM
8 Santa Anita SA 5 5:35 PM
9 Gulfstream Park GP 12 5:43 PM
10 Santa Anita SA 6 6:05 PM
11 Santa Anita SA 7 6:38 PM
12 Santa Anita SA 8 7:09 PM
IMPORTANT NOTE: If this qualifier fails to reach the minimum number of entries required to run, all entries will be advanced to the next avaialble qualifier, so that the following qualifier has the best chances to fill to minimum.  Entries will not be refunded.  Should players wish to cancel entries advanced to the next qualifier, they may do so by cancelling in the Buy Entries section.  Requests to refund the cancel fee will be honored, so please email support if you wish to do so.

This is a REGULAR FORMAT (LIVE) contest. Selections may be edited until post (selections close as second half of field is loading into gate).

This is qualifying contest to the 2018 TSG ULTIMATE BETTING CHALLENGE, to be held Saturday, March 9, 2019.  Players may participate on-site at either SANTA ANITA, or online via XPRESSBET.  Package includes $3,000 entry to the event PLUS $500 in travel reimbursement.  The TSG ULTIMATE BETTING CHALLENGE is a mega live-bankroll tournament that awards prize money in addition to Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge (BCBC) and National Handicapping Championship (NHC) entries.

Maximum entries in this contest may be expanded depending on demand. 

PRIZES: One package to the TSG ULTIMATE BETTING CHALLENGE, to be held Saturday, March 9, 2019, at either SANTA ANITA PARK or online via XPRESSBET will be awarded per every 25 entries participating in the contest. The package includes: $3,000 Entry Fee to Contest and $500 travel reimbursement. VALUE OF PACKAGE = $3,500 USD. Players are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations to and from the contest venue.  Please note that this contest is NOT eligible for exchange to site credit.

QUALIFYING PARAMETERS: AT LEAST 22 ENTRIES MUST PARTICIPATE TO HOLD CONTEST.  If at least 22 entries are not participating, the contest entries will be carried over to the next available qualifier (run at same tournament format). 22 of 25 entries must participate to award first spot/package. For subsequent spots/packages, 23 of 25 entries must be participating for a spot/package to be awarded. No other rounding rules. Any breakage entries will be returned back to players in the form of refund credits to non-winners equal to the number of breakage entries.

TRANSFERS AND MULTIPLE ENTRIES: Please note that players MAY transfer TSG ULTIMATE BETTING CHALLENGE packages if they so choose. Therefore, players may always play in their own name and transfer a won entry to another individual at a later date. This package is NOT eligible for exchange into HorseTourneys site credit. 

ENTRIES CLOSE TIME: The closing time for entries is designated once races have been inputted and will be reflected above.

SELECTIONS CLOSE TIME: This is a REGULAR FORMAT (LIVE) contest. Selections may be edited until post (selections close as second half of field is loading into gate).

FORMAT: $2 Win/Place on a single horse. Payout caps of 20-1 to win, 10-1 to place.

NUMBER OF RACES: 8-12, one-day only.

RACETRACKS: See schedule listing for eligible racetracks. Note that not all racetracks may necessarily be used and racetracks are subject to change.

RACES POSTED TIME: Contest races will be posted at this description page between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. approximately 48 hours prior to the contest.

SELECTIONS OPEN TIME: Selections will open for the contest between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET approximately 24 hours prior to the contest.

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