Prizes awarded at are dependent on the contest type and parameters for each contest. Prize information is listed for each contest in the description page, which is available in the Purchase Entries section under each contest. There are generally three different kinds of "prizes" that can be earned at HorseTourneys: (1) credit (cash); (2) direct entries into future HorseTourneys contests; and (3) entries or packages to on-site tournaments held at racetracks and casinos.

Regarding on-site tournaments, HorseTourneys offers qualifying opportunities to most of the major on-site handicapping contests throughout the year, including the National Handicapping Championship (NHC), Horse Player World Series (HPWS), Wynn Handicapping Challenge and many others.

Players may withdraw account balances in accordance with Withdrawal policies.

Players should always check the contest descriptions for prize offerings and contact Customer Support with any questions.


NHC Tour points will be awarded for all National Handicapping Championship (NHC) qualifying contests held at, in conjunction with NHC Tour rules and policies. Generally speaking, NHC Tour rules call for the top 10 percent of players to receive NHC Tour points, up to a maximum of 30 placings.

A player is only eligible for one NHC Tour placing per NHC contest run at

The NHC Tour website is accessible at Please direct general questions regarding the NHC Tour or NHC Tour points to the NTRA. Michele Ravencraft oversees the NHC program for the NTRA and may be reached at