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Entries Close: 4:29 PM EDT Entry Fee: $195.00
Maximum Entries In Contest: 200 Maximum Entries Per Account: 2
Entries Remaining: 192 Minimum Entries Required: N/A
Current Pool: $20000.00 Prizes Payout Schedule
Event Hold: 11.5% 
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Contest Description

Contest Races

Event Track Race No. Post Time (EDT)
1 Saratoga SAR 7 4:29 PM
2 Saratoga SAR 8 5:05 PM
3 Woodbine WO 9 5:16 PM
4 Saratoga SAR 9 5:39 PM
5 Woodbine WO 10 5:50 PM
6 Del Mar DMR 3 6:00 PM
7 Saratoga SAR 10 6:13 PM
8 Woodbine WO 11 6:24 PM
9 Del Mar DMR 4 6:30 PM
10 Del Mar DMR 5 7:00 PM
11 Del Mar DMR 6 7:30 PM
12 Del Mar DMR 7 8:00 PM
This event is part of the HorseTourneys Tour (HT Tour).  For complete information and for current standings, click here.

This contest carries a GUARANTEED pool.  See parameters.

This is a POOL-STYLE tournament.  Under the Pool-Style format:

-The prize "pool" grows as additional players enter
-The "payout" schedule is determined by the final number of entries participating
-Essentially unlimited prize pools, higher prize upside
-Rare cancellations - tournaments almost always run

Players MAY win multiple prizes in a single contest in this contest.

ENTRIES CLOSE TIME: The closing time for entries is designated once races have been inputted and will be reflected above.

FORMAT: $2 Win/Place on a single horse. Payout caps of 20-1 to win, 10-1 to place.

NUMBER OF RACES:  See Schedule

RACETRACKS: Eligible tracks are listed on contest pages by their official track abbreviations. Please note that not all racetracks may be used. Racetracks are subject to change.

RACES POSTED TIME: Contest races will be posted at this description page between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET approximately 48 hours prior to the start of the contest.

SELECTIONS OPEN TIME: Selections will open for the contest between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. ET approximately 24 hours prior to the start of the contest.

Pick and Pray™ is a trademark of HorseTourneys.com

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